What New Breakthrough Would You Champion For Your Organization?

Most small-to-midsize companies have enough difficulty simply to meet the client’s demands. The opportunity to bring in a financial operations manager on a temporary or part-time retainer basis, at an investment for less than an administrative assistant, makes the payback one of your company’s best return of capital.

As an unbiased CFO ON CALL we will help you maximize your business’ potential.

You hire us until the job is completed. Therefore, you incur no long-term payroll obligations, but immediate solutions that will position you for greater opportunities in the future. Most projects are short-term in nature. The typical assignment lasts between two to six months.

 What Are Some Areas that We May Improve For You?

General Management

Annual Business Plan

Project Management

Corporate Process Improvement Projects

Monitoring & Progress Reporting

Resource Planning & Management

Negotiations Management

People Development


Break-Even Analysis

Productivity Measurement & Enhancement

Strategic & Operational Planning

Workflow Efficiencies

Policy & Procedure Documentation

Business Process Re-Engineering

Change Management


Interim CFO Services

Cash Flow Analysis

Credit and Collections

Key Ratio Analysis

P&L Analysis

Financial Information System Implementation

Annual Operations and Capital Budgeting

Financial Analysis, Reporting & Control

Profit & Loss Statements & Forecasts

Acquisition/Disposition of Assets

Key Performance Indicator Tools

Cash Management & Reporting

Capital Expenditures Analysis

Cash Flow Forecasting

Tactical Pricing

Yield Management

Debt Structuring

Asset Management

Lender Negotiations

Risk Administration




“People who are not inquisitive simply don’t make good leaders. People who are content with what they don’t know, happy to remain ignorant about what they don’t understand, complacent about what they haven’t analyzed, and comfortable living with problems they haven’t solved cannot lead. Leaders need to have an insatiable curiosity, hungry to find answers. If you want to find a leader, look for someone who is asking the right questions and genuinely looking for answers.”
– John MacArthur




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